Monday, 6 April 2015

Dragonflies in Oxfordshire in 2015

The new dragonfly season should be starting in the next few weeks! The first species to appear is generally Large Red Damselfly – in 2014 the first record was on 17 April.

Large Red Damselfly - taken in 2014!

As in the last few years, I am planning to collate records for dragonflies and damselflies in Oxfordshire. These will be again posted on the ‘current news’ page on my website, and also submitted to the British Dragonfly Society at the end of the season. The "current news" section will again aim to give the latest information on what is happening on the dragonfly and damselfly front in the County. To work well, this needs as many as possible to contribute their sightings so these can be shared with others. Photographs can also be added to break up the text.

If you do see any dragonflies or damselflies in Oxfordshire this season, why not let me know, and I will post your records and photos at

If you are new to dragonflies, you might find the section of my website devoted to dragonflies in the County of interest - at This has a number of separate pages including:
  • Where to find dragonflies in Oxfordshire – an updated site guide
  • An illustrated list of the dragonflies and damselflies in the County
Stephen Burch
BDS Dragonfly Recorder for Oxfordshire (VC23)

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